Howie’s Tiny House

This tiny house is simply a rectangle, but it shows what can be done with such a simple geometric structure. The fortunate thing about a simple rectangle is that it is the least expensive. As for the lack of an elevated support, I live in a desert environment and tend to think in those terms. […]

IKEA aktiv

via IKEA aktiv. This isn’t exactly a tiny house, but it is a small one of a thousand square feet. Click above Ikea Aktiv Link.

This Site Is For Those Of Us That Go Modern All The Way

I’ve always thought that shabby-chic is basically shabby with no chic, that rustic is unfinished, and country is an outhouse. Only modern and preferably ultra-modern here. This site will present various posts about actual modern tiny homes, but will also include designs and ideas. Besides enjoying designing furniture, I enjoy designing tiny houses. I used […]

Ronnie’s Tiny House by Popular Demand

This article is originally from I keep getting requests for my tiny house designs. Since architecture is art, and even though the subject of tiny houses is not the primary purpose of this website, the houses I design are always modern with a wink at Mid Century Modern. Even so, modern tiny houses are […]