A Mies van der Rohe Tiny House?

I have always thought that for modern tiny house design a good place to start is looking at the famous, incredible works of the mid-century masters. Even though one may pay a fortune for a Philip Johnson or a Mies van der Rohe designed home today, the use of post and lintel framing, simple open […]

Innovative Sustainable Tree House Design

via Innovative Sustainable Tree House Design. I am not that big a fan of tree houses, but the curvilinear, sculptural form of this house is very enticing. This house is very much worth a look.

Man Builds Modern 210 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home: Minim Home

via Man Builds Modern 210 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home: Minim Home. Very nice, open tiny house with modern finishes. This reminds me of one that I saw on FIY Tiny House Nation. This one seems very livable, especially if one included a nice deck or patio spaces.

Modern Tiny House For Sale – TinyHouseBuild.com

via Modern Tiny House For Sale – TinyHouseBuild.com. I include this link even though this house is probably no longer for sale because of the very nice design. Take a look and you might get some inspiration.

Julie’s Tiny House Design

Julie’s tiny house is, as with other recent designs, based upon the square. In fact, the house is composed of 8’ x 8’ squares. This leads to the idea of modularization, where the components of the structure are built elsewhere and then delivered later to the construction area. The vaulted area over the dining area […]