Theodore’s Tiny House

This tiny house design is only 240 sq. ft. The concept of this house without a loft is the utilization of a pullout sofa for sleeping. The floor plan is rather simple with two rectangles, one serving as a bath and the remaining area the living and kitchen areas. Dining is done on the patio…Continue reading Theodore’s Tiny House

Davie’s Tiny House

This is a house who basic plan forms a T with different elevations for each section. The length that crosses the T shares the kitchen and living room and the dangling part of the T, the bedroom and bath. Clerestory windows above the the taller bedroom and bath section provide an abundance of light and…Continue reading Davie’s Tiny House

Harlow’s Tiny House

Harlow’s tiny house is another plan based upon the a square foundation, also with a flat roof. As with the other designs so far, this one relies to a great extent on the outdoors to provide significant space and activity areas. Please excuse any anomalies with these 3D rendered images. My time is limited and…Continue reading Harlow’s Tiny House