Homeless Man Given New Start With Tiny House

Here is a video from Chanel 6, ABC Action News in Philadelphia about a homeless man and a tiny house. This video comes with an article on their website which is found at this link.

Thinking small: Celebrating the very best in tiny houses

via Thinking small: Celebrating the very best in tiny houses. This is Gizmags idea of the very best in tiny houses. I include it because of the length of the article as well as the content. They examine quite a few tiny structures with quite a few images.

Eames Case Study House #8 Goes Tiny: Complete Addition

The previous tiny house based on the Eames House only included the main building and did not feature the studio, courtyard, and walkway. This design does. As was previously mentioned, a loft would be part of this design. The loft, however, is not in the main building, but in the studio and could function as […]

ideabox Houses

via ideabox. A company with some interesting small house designs with a range of sizes. The layouts are quite nice.

Tiny House Version of Case Study House #8 by Charles and Ray Eames.

Eames Case Study House #8 Goes Tiny

I have done a reduction or tiny house variation of a Philip Johnson and a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Now I have designed a tiny house based upon the Eames Case Study House #8. One of my favorite case study houses, the Eames House is International in style, while not as severe as some […]