Alpod Mobile Home

From Gizmag: Alpod mobile home shows its metal

Gizmag has an article on the Alpod mobile home. It’s called a mobile home, but at 480 sq. ft. one can easily classify it as a tiny house. It doesn’t have wheels, yet the home is designed to be carried on a trailer to its destination.   Why there are not more examples of the manufactured […] Why you might retire to a tiny house — by choice

A wonderful article at on the reasons for going tiny as one gets older. They mention these things: Less expense. Less cleaning and maintenance. Can be used to get closer to locations and family. And easier to get around and do daily functions. Weed one off of the collecting things cycle. These are really […]


Illegal Tiny House

  Here is an article on Small House Bliss about a house up for sale in Vancouver as the result of permitting. I note this particular article because of the revulsion I have in terms of the oppressive codes in so-called “free countries”. I won’t go into that here and will wait for a future article […]