Howie’s Tiny House

This tiny house is simply a rectangle, but it shows what can be done with such a simple geometric structure. The fortunate thing about a simple rectangle is that it is the least expensive. As for the lack of an elevated support, I live in a desert environment and tend to think in those terms. Here, many houses are built on slabs without any thought to a basement, or an attic for that matter. Also, a flat roof has no possibility of collapse due to snow. In future, designs may include at least shed roofs, with the occasional gabled roof along the lines of American Mid-Century Modern.

Howie's Tiny House Floor Plan
Howie’s Tiny House Floor Plan

Tiny House 15.png

The long patio at night, looking through the foliage.

Tiny House 16.png

The long patio at night.

Tiny House 16-day.png

The long patio in the afternoon.

Tiny House 17-day.png

The long patio during the afternoon, looking toward the front of the house.

Tiny House 18-day.png

Looking directly at the long patio in the afternoon.

Tiny House 19.png

The long patio at night, looking at the front corner of the house.

Tiny House 1 - 9-1-14 7-37-33 PM.png

Corner of house at noon.

Tiny House 20-day.png

Front of the house during the afternoon.

Tiny House 1 - 9-1-14 7-36-26 PM.png

Front at noon.

Tiny House 21-day.png

Front corner of house in the afternoon.

Tiny House 22-day.png

Side of house mid-morning.

Tiny House 23-day.png

Backside of house mid-morning.

Tiny House 1 - 9-1-14 7-40-14 PM.pngHouse with roof off to give orientation.

Tiny House 1.png

Looking at couch and front door.

Tiny House 1 - 9-1-14 7-48-07 PM.png

Looking at living area.

Tiny House 2.png

Another living area view.

Tiny House 4.png

Looking at storage closet facing bathroom entrance with living area and kitchen on either side.

Tiny House 5.png

View of kitchen, looking toward bedroom.

Tiny House 6.png

Kitchen and dining area with the bathroom entrance to the left.

Tiny House 7.png

Dining area with the front door to the right.

Tiny House 8.png

Looking back toward the living room

Tiny House 9.pngBathroom.


Tiny House 10.pngBathroom and bedroom view.

Tiny House 11.png

Bedroom, fish eyed for context.

Tiny House 1 - 9-1-14 7-43-37 PM.png

Turning toward the front door.

Tiny House 12.png

On the bed, looking to the back patio door.

Tiny House 13.png

Looking out the patio door.

Tiny House 14.png

Turned back around to look at the bedroom.

Tiny House 1 - 9-1-14 7-42-44 PM.png

Looking through the patio door into the bedroom.

Tiny House 1 - 9-1-14 7-40-36 PM.png

A final look with the roof off.

Although this house looks ample in size, the indoor square footage is only 239. The outdoors is used as a major extension to the roominess of the overall design. In fact, in such a house, in the right environment, the temptation would be to spend considerable hours outside.









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