Julie’s Tiny House Design

Julie’s tiny house is, as with other recent designs, based upon the square. In fact, the house is composed of 8’ x 8’ squares. This leads to the idea of modularization, where the components of the structure are built elsewhere and then delivered later to the construction area. The vaulted area over the dining area is meant purely to open the central space up, while providing architectural decoration.

Julie's Tiny House Floor Plan
Julie’s Tiny House Floor Plan


Julie's House Design 1.png

We start at the back of the house, looking through the large bedroom window with a covered patio to the left and accessible from the bedroom. The exterior lights are off except for the overhead patio light.


Julie's House Design 2.png

Lights on!


Julie's House Design 3.png

Lights on at sunset.


Julie's House Design 4.pngWe’re headed around the side toward the front.


Julie's House Design 5.png

The side of the house with the front entry and porch to the right.


Julie's House Design 6.png

The front entrance.


Julie's House Design 7.png

The front of the house. The floor of this house is a highly polished stone and the reason for the high reflectivity.

Julie's House Design 8.png

The front of the house almost straight on showing another corner patio. The wall directly facing us is the kitchen.

Julie's House Design 9.pngHere we see a window to the kitchen overlooking a little covered patio with a planter.

Julie's House Design 10.png

Proceeding to the other side of the house with a view of the windows to the bathroom and a slight look at the patio off the bedroom.

Julie's House Design 11.png

A direct side view with the window to the kitchen on the left and the bedroom patio doors on the right. The bathroom is, of course, seen through the two windows in the center.

Julie's House Design 12.png

The bedroom patio.


Julie's House Design 13.png

We return to a side view with the large window to the bedroom.


Julie's House Design 14.png

A view of the corner that has no patio.


Julie's House Design 15.png

At the front entrance, looking up into the round window to the vaulted area.

Julie's House Design 17.png

We’ve entered the front door and see the living area. To the right is the dining area and we can get a peek at the bedroom through the glass door.

Julie's House Design 18.png

Looking through the living area into the dining area, seeing the glass door to the bathroom, with the kitchen to the right.

Julie's House Design 19.png

The dining area and the kitchen beyond.


Julie's House Design 20.png

Looking back towards the living area and the front entrance.


Julie's House Design 21.png

In the bathroom with a look through the glass door on the right into the kitchen.

Julie's House Design 22.png

On the opposite side of the bathroom with a peek out of the glass door into the dining area.

Julie's House Design 23.png

A view of the bedroom while to the left through the glass door is a view of the front entrance and living area.

Julie's House Design 24.pngAcross the bedroom seeing the patio doors with the door to the dining and living areas to the right.

Julie's House Design 25.pngLooking inside the square, vaulted area above the dining area with the large round windows.

Julie's House Design 26.pngExternal view of the vaulted area. The roof could also be made into an elevated deck.

You may have noticed a classical feature of this house is that it is based upon a Greek cross, much like some cathedrals. Although the round windows could be replaced with square ones, the intriguing juxtaposition of perfect square to perfect round would be lost. You may also have noticed that the warm colors of green and yellow orange on the outside, contrast with the cool colors of the inside, although other color schemes might work with this house built upon the cube.












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