Eames Case Study House #8 Goes Tiny: Complete Addition

The previous tiny house based on the Eames House only included the main building and did not feature the studio, courtyard, and walkway. This design does. As was previously mentioned, a loft would be part of this design. The loft, however, is not in the main building, but in the studio and could function as […]

ideabox Houses

via ideabox. A company with some interesting small house designs with a range of sizes. The layouts are quite nice.

Tiny House Version of Case Study House #8 by Charles and Ray Eames.

Eames Case Study House #8 Goes Tiny

I have done a reduction or tiny house variation of a Philip Johnson and a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Now I have designed a tiny house based upon the Eames Case Study House #8. One of my favorite case study houses, the Eames House is International in style, while not as severe as some […]

Theodore’s Tiny House

This tiny house design is only 240 sq. ft. The concept of this house without a loft is the utilization of a pullout sofa for sleeping. The floor plan is rather simple with two rectangles, one serving as a bath and the remaining area the living and kitchen areas. Dining is done on the patio […]

Davie’s Tiny House

This is a house who basic plan forms a T with different elevations for each section. The length that crosses the T shares the kitchen and living room and the dangling part of the T, the bedroom and bath. Clerestory windows above the the taller bedroom and bath section provide an abundance of light and […]

Harlow’s Tiny House

Harlow’s tiny house is another plan based upon the a square foundation, also with a flat roof. As with the other designs so far, this one relies to a great extent on the outdoors to provide significant space and activity areas. Please excuse any anomalies with these 3D rendered images. My time is limited and […]

A Mies van der Rohe Tiny House?

I have always thought that for modern tiny house design a good place to start is looking at the famous, incredible works of the mid-century masters. Even though one may pay a fortune for a Philip Johnson or a Mies van der Rohe designed home today, the use of post and lintel framing, simple open […]

Innovative Sustainable Tree House Design

via Innovative Sustainable Tree House Design. I am not that big a fan of tree houses, but the curvilinear, sculptural form of this house is very enticing. This house is very much worth a look.

Man Builds Modern 210 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home: Minim Home

via Man Builds Modern 210 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home: Minim Home. Very nice, open tiny house with modern finishes. This reminds me of one that I saw on FIY Tiny House Nation. This one seems very livable, especially if one included a nice deck or patio spaces.

Modern Tiny House For Sale – TinyHouseBuild.com

via Modern Tiny House For Sale – TinyHouseBuild.com. I include this link even though this house is probably no longer for sale because of the very nice design. Take a look and you might get some inspiration.