Mobile Home Conversion

Mobile homes are a neglected part of the tiny house movement. Or at least, the traditional mobile home. For some reason, even to this day, mobile home manufacturers continue to make mobile homes in their inimitable way; that look like the mobile home that we are used to seeing. Why these manufacturers do not see…Continue reading Mobile Home Conversion

What About a Dome?

What About a Dome?

When examining various types of tiny houses, one usually reads of tiny houses on wheels, diminutive structures made from shed or cabin kits, garage transformations, less on new buildings with a foundation and even yurts. Yet on the subject of modern tiny residences, little is mentioned about the geodesic dome. Indeed, if one cursorily looks…Continue reading What About a Dome?

The Round House

The Round House is based on mid-century modern styles, except this time on a more organic and less International flair. A juxtaposition of curved and rectilinear forms, although they might seem in conflict, produces an interesting contrast between the opposing thrusts in the design. Front entrance to the Round House showing the roof over the…Continue reading The Round House


Patricia’s Tiny House

One of my keen interests in design or architecture is the forms of the mid-century. Modern design lends itself to so many variations that an inexhaustible supply of ideas becomes available. Furthermore, modern design is not only in the realm of commercial and typical residential building, but also in terms of the tiny house movement.…Continue reading Patricia’s Tiny House

Theodore’s Tiny House

This tiny house design is only 240 sq. ft. The concept of this house without a loft is the utilization of a pullout sofa for sleeping. The floor plan is rather simple with two rectangles, one serving as a bath and the remaining area the living and kitchen areas. Dining is done on the patio…Continue reading Theodore’s Tiny House

Harlow’s Tiny House

Harlow’s tiny house is another plan based upon the a square foundation, also with a flat roof. As with the other designs so far, this one relies to a great extent on the outdoors to provide significant space and activity areas. Please excuse any anomalies with these 3D rendered images. My time is limited and…Continue reading Harlow’s Tiny House

18 midcentury modern vacation homes – including a “Homarina” and a Japanese-style tea house – Retro Renovation

via 18 midcentury modern vacation homes – including a “Homarina” and a Japanese-style tea house – Retro Renovation. Here is a treat for you! If you appreciate Mid Century Modern and tiny homes, this article features renderings of this very design subject. The tiny house movement today does not exclusively own the idea. Not far…Continue reading 18 midcentury modern vacation homes – including a “Homarina” and a Japanese-style tea house – Retro Renovation