De Stijl Colored Table and Chairs

Diy Outdoor Furniture

I have just published on Amazon a new book. It is about constructing outdoor furniture with distinctive designs, without making complicated cuts, not using complex equipment and no purchasing of expensive materials. All the furniture is made with only 90-degree cuts, utilizing only 1x4s and 2x4s. The book includes 200 illustrations of furniture construction and […]


Tiny House Building Codes

Those who know me know what a dim outlook I have regarding building codes. Most municipal and local codes have gone far beyond the original intent of community safety. In some places the codes almost amount to a legal “taking” of property in violation of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. […]

Southern Portugal Shipping Container House

6 Container Houses, Very Nice, Very Modern

EcoWatch has 6 container houses that are quite remarkable in style. The problem is in choosing the best of the bunch. Take a look at: EcoWatch. If you would like to look into even more container houses take a peek at these: 23 Shipping Container Home Owners Speak Out: “What I Wish I’d Known Before […]


20+ Beautiful Staircases – Design Milk

This is a wonderful article on staircases, which is of keen interest to tiny house creators and dwellers. Many of the designs are quite unique, if not artistic. See these on Design Milk: Here is a short video: Here are some others that should lead you to the idea that stairs have a greater […]

Modern Shed

Modern Shed

This is a link to a commercial website called Modern Shed that sells and designs small structures. Some of the configurations are quite nice and have a great deal of potential. They offer three models of 10′ x 12′, 10′ x 14′ and 10′ x 16′, but apparently can customize to a great degree. Check […]

Tiny May Qualify for Scaled Down Sales and Use Tax Base

Tiny Homes May Qualify for Scaled Down Sales and Use Tax Base | Bloomberg BNA This is a detailed examination from Bloomberg about the tax situation that some may find themselves in, especially if one is going with the wheeled model. The information is useful in also considering advantages one might take in using the […] Why you might retire to a tiny house — by choice

A wonderful article at on the reasons for going tiny as one gets older. They mention these things: Less expense. Less cleaning and maintenance. Can be used to get closer to locations and family. And easier to get around and do daily functions. Weed one off of the collecting things cycle. These are really […]


Illegal Tiny House

  Here is an article on Small House Bliss about a house up for sale in Vancouver as the result of permitting. I note this particular article because of the revulsion I have in terms of the oppressive codes in so-called “free countries”. I won’t go into that here and will wait for a future article […]

Homeless Man Given New Start With Tiny House

Here is a video from Chanel 6, ABC Action News in Philadelphia about a homeless man and a tiny house. This video comes with an article on their website which is found at this link.

Thinking small: Celebrating the very best in tiny houses

via Thinking small: Celebrating the very best in tiny houses. This is Gizmags idea of the very best in tiny houses. I include it because of the length of the article as well as the content. They examine quite a few tiny structures with quite a few images.