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Do you have a tiny house to show others? Would you like to post information about a tiny house experience or idea. Or would you like to share something with modern tiny house people? Then start here and post your own content! Even if you have something to share and it involves a commercial interest such as cabin kits, yurts, A-frame kits, tiny house appliances and it concerns the tiny house movement, as long as the central point is of interest to the readers, you can post here. The content must be rich or, in other words, the content can not be strictly an advertisement. However, just remember that ModernTinyHouse.org is not responsible for any information presented which is the sole responsibility of the submitter. And we do reserve the right to edit or reject content felt not to be of interest to the readers or inappropriate for this website.

Due to peculiarities of the permissions to add images to the website, adding images in the body of the text must be done with cut and paste rather than the “add media” button, presently. Also, the image caption will simply be text centered on the next line or aligned with the image. The image(s) requested below the text field will furnish a featured image, but will also form a grid of the images submitted after the body of the post. (Up to 25 images may be submitted.) If only one image is provided with the file requester, that will supply the featured image for the post.


If the supplied editor is insufficient or inappropriate, one may submit an article by email in a popular format such as Word or Libre Office and we will attempt to post it as closely as possible to the original layout. Send to: howard@midcenturymoderngroovy.com. However, the editor below is the basic editor used throughout this website and should be sufficient for most purposes.



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