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Tiny May Qualify for Scaled Down Sales and Use Tax Base

Tiny Homes May Qualify for Scaled Down Sales and Use Tax Base | Bloomberg BNA

This is a detailed examination from Bloomberg about the tax situation that some may find themselves in, especially if one is going with the wheeled model. The information is useful in also considering advantages one might take in using the rules to work for oneself. Also, though the information is primarily for an American audience, much of the information probably has a general relevance to many other countries municipalities.

Included in the article is a link to another on Salon that describes various matters (including codes) about living in a tiny house titled: Living large in 150 square feet: Why the tiny house movement is taking off.

Illegal Tiny House

Illegal Vancouver Tiny House
Illegal Vancouver Tiny House


Here is an article on Small House Bliss about a house up for sale in Vancouver as the result of permitting. I note this particular article because of the revulsion I have in terms of the oppressive codes in so-called “free countries”. I won’t go into that here and will wait for a future article devoted to codes and regulations, but I like to point out that some places are so repressive that it is almost impossible to build a tiny house. This is why when one views TV programs that feature such structures many times the houses are on wheels to skirt central authority.

I know that many might say that codes are necessary to protect the neighborhood due to safety issues. However, that is where the codes should stop! Most go well beyond practical considerations and are meant to assume power over individuals as well as subjugate the populace into conformity. I am not saying this description is appropriate in this case. It is reasonable in a neighborhood to expect inspection for safety pitfalls and such. Nevertheless, the remedy is too punitive and severe as to result in the structure’s sale.

At any rate, this article has several pictures about what can be done to turn a garage/storage shed into an extremely nice dwelling at an affordable cost.