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Modern Prefabricated Houses

 Prefabricated houses with an ultra-modern flair!


The subject of prefab houses may seem out of the realm of modern tiny houses, but the designs and the notion of producing a house in a factory is not. The last article on this website, Mobile Home Conversion, featured changing a mobile home into a modern small house. Of course, the ultimate in prefabricated housing is an RV, mobile home or tiny house on wheels. The whole concept of prefabrication should hit at least one of the buttons that tiny house fans have regarding expense or impact on the environment.

Many of the construction philosophies involved in the production of tiny houses find a place among those producing prefabricated houses. The embrace of modern materials such as steel and composite materials, engineered woods and laminates, and recycled goods delivers the same design elements in a tiny house as they do in a larger dwelling. This is one of the best features of modern architecture; that the design of a museum or an office building on a large-scale can have the same valid artistic expression as in a smaller structure using the same or similar components.

In Prefab Camo Cabin: Modern Mobile Metal-Clad Trailer Home, we see a metal and wood structure with an industrial feel.

The design of this “cabin” is actually straightforward, using the linear quality of the building to emphasize the interior design. Although, for me, I could use the addition of some color, many people find this neutral scheme relaxing.

Also on dornob.com, a story about a flatpack house:  Hivehaus Hexagonal Flatpack Home Hides Lots of Storage.

The Hivehaus

On Mobile Home Living an article describes Modern Green PreFab Homes. Also mentioned is Blu Homes which have some marvelous designs and a Origin Pod only 633 sq. ft., self-contained with a kitchenette, living and sleeping quarters.

Jetson Green has information about a scalable cabin with modern architectural styling.

Scalable off-grid cabin by Eco Living.

To read about some of the pitfalls of a so-called upscale eco house, an article on treehugger.com goes through a few in talking about the Clayton Homes’ ihouse.

Clayton Homes’ iHouse

The article, Sherkston Shores Unveils Black Diamond Park Model, features a Canadian company’s “park model” homes graced with high-end finishes.

Sherkston Shores’ Black Diamond Model.

Here is an article on Dwell about a modern mobile home with an absolutely gorgeous kitchen.


PAD Studio Prefabricated House.

Prefabricated houses come in all sizes. Some companies offer smaller designs that might suit the needs of the tiny house searcher. Yet, unfortunately, many companies create structures on the high-end of the scale, with expensive finishes and a large dollar to square footage price. Some prefabricated houses can reach as high as the $300,000 – $500,000 range for an average size house. Some, though, benefit from factory production and are quite reasonable in cost. There are many companies out there that are willing to offer one with custom as well as manufactured housing in a smaller size. It is just a matter of looking.





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