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Marketwatch.com: Why you might retire to a tiny house — by choice

A wonderful article at Marketwatch.com on the reasons for going tiny as one gets older. They mention these things:

  1. Less expense.
  2. Less cleaning and maintenance.
  3. Can be used to get closer to locations and family.
  4. And easier to get around and do daily functions.
  5. Weed one off of the collecting things cycle.

These are really valid reasons for anyone wanting to go tiny. Some people find spending the greater part of a weekend cleaning, doing laundry, and mowing grass very onerous, preferring to minimize the chores in order to pursue other things, for instance. Most people work hard enough as it is than to have to give up free time for such things.

Why do we need any more than this when we are older and less capable of physical effort?

Here is a video on just this subject: