Front of Remodeled House.

Mobile Home Conversion II

Previously, we had taken a model and a floor plan from a well-known maker of manufactured housing and converted it into a modern small house. This is another attempt at such a conversion.   The above floor plan shows the dimensions and arrangements of the various spaces in our new home. The size of this […]


Mobile Home Conversion

Mobile homes are a neglected part of the tiny house movement. Or at least, the traditional mobile home. For some reason, even to this day, mobile home manufacturers continue to make mobile homes in their inimitable way; that look like the mobile home that we are used to seeing. Why these manufacturers do not see […]

Alpod Mobile Home

From Gizmag: Alpod mobile home shows its metal

Gizmag has an article on the Alpod mobile home. It’s called a mobile home, but at 480 sq. ft. one can easily classify it as a tiny house. It doesn’t have wheels, yet the home is designed to be carried on a trailer to its destination.   Why there are not more examples of the manufactured […]