Showing the kitchen ceiling and its clerestory windows and pendant light.

Peter’s Tiny House

Peter’s Tiny House is one based on my favorite geometric shape, the square. Although a great part of this square belongs to the outdoors, this tiny house has a substantial feeling of space. The house occupies 469 sq. ft. of enclosed space with 256 sq. ft. of covered patio. The floor plan consists of 3…Continue reading Peter’s Tiny House

The Round House

The Round House is based on mid-century modern styles, except this time on a more organic and less International flair. A juxtaposition of curved and rectilinear forms, although they might seem in conflict, produces an interesting contrast between the opposing thrusts in the design. Front entrance to the Round House showing the roof over the…Continue reading The Round House

Theodore’s Tiny House

This tiny house design is only 240 sq. ft. The concept of this house without a loft is the utilization of a pullout sofa for sleeping. The floor plan is rather simple with two rectangles, one serving as a bath and the remaining area the living and kitchen areas. Dining is done on the patio…Continue reading Theodore’s Tiny House

Modern Tiny House For Sale –

via Modern Tiny House For Sale – I include this link even though this house is probably no longer for sale because of the very nice design. Take a look and you might get some inspiration.

Julie’s Tiny House Design

Julie’s tiny house is, as with other recent designs, based upon the square. In fact, the house is composed of 8’ x 8’ squares. This leads to the idea of modularization, where the components of the structure are built elsewhere and then delivered later to the construction area. The vaulted area over the dining area…Continue reading Julie’s Tiny House Design

Howie’s Tiny House

This tiny house is simply a rectangle, but it shows what can be done with such a simple geometric structure. The fortunate thing about a simple rectangle is that it is the least expensive. As for the lack of an elevated support, I live in a desert environment and tend to think in those terms.…Continue reading Howie’s Tiny House

IKEA aktiv

via IKEA aktiv. This isn’t exactly a tiny house, but it is a small one of a thousand square feet. Click above Ikea Aktiv Link.

This Site Is For Those Of Us That Go Modern All The Way

I’ve always thought that shabby-chic is basically shabby with no chic, that rustic is unfinished, and country is an outhouse. Only modern and preferably ultra-modern here. This site will present various posts about actual modern tiny homes, but will also include designs and ideas. Besides enjoying designing furniture, I enjoy designing tiny houses. I used…Continue reading This Site Is For Those Of Us That Go Modern All The Way