Looking from the Kitchen.

The Final Design for My Tiny Space

These video and pictures include the final footprint of my tiny new space that will undergo construction in November 2018. The furniture and cabinetry are from IKEA but I may do all the design and construction myself which I will post as a separate article. I am so busy that I may not have time to do too many things. I would like to do the bed, the dining set, the side chairs, and the desk if possible. The only change I am contemplating is exposed beams for the ceiling rather than drywall and a solid door from the outside. The other entrance and the bathroom may be frosted glass. The countertops will either be Formica or tile. I am not fond of the current trend of stone, although Corian is not bad. Essentially, anything from the mid-century is fine with me.




This video is a little slow and includes my music. This is partly because a friend of mine, who I mean to see it, had a stroke and suffered from some visual distortions. As for the music, I am very much a classical music fan and writing my music means I do not have to worry about copyright infringement.




Self-Portrait in Red.
Self-Portrait in Red.

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